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GNC News

GNC News is a TV news station.

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In Season 1 Episode 3 “In Perpetuity,” Mark turns on the television and watches a news segment about some of the controversy surrounding the severance procedure. Also, at the bottom of the television screen it shows “4 States to Propose Anti-Severance Legislation.”

A GNC reporter, Steven, is asking a spokesperson who is pro severance, Natalie, what her thoughts are regarding a person who got pregnant a month after becoming severed.

Below is the dialogue exchange between Steven and Natalie.

Steven: But what do you say, Natalie, to the woman who became pregnant at work less than a month after her company went severed?

00:08:01 Natalie: Well, first, I’d suggest she reveal her identity if she wants an honest conversation

00:08:05 Natalie: about her experience. Steven: How could she have that conversation when her workie was the one involved— Natalie: Okay, first of all, workie?

00:08:11 Steven: That, as I understand, is the preferred term among—

00:08:13 Natalie: I think it’s exactly the condescending verbiage that I’d expect from a group trying to save people from their own choices.

00:08:18 Steven: Choices? Did her insie have a—

00:08:20 Natalie: Insie? Where are you getting these terms?

00:08:22 Steven: Fine. Call it someone who’s had their brain split in half—

00:08:25 Natalie: That has nothing to do with what we do at Lumon nor any severance procedure.

00:08:29 Steven: I understand you don’t wanna answer my questions…

00:08:31 Natalie: I’m answering your questions. Steven: …because it’ll reveal that you are

00:08:33 Steven: complicit in something totally immoral. Natalie: What’s immoral is—

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