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Eagan Rotating Restaurant

As reported in The Kier Chronicle, an unnamed rotating restaurant in Kier is “already the largest in the state, and the renovations will give it the highest seating capacity of any such venue in the tri-state region.”

The article continues: Diners will be treated to a “stunning” 360 degree view of the surrounding landscape, as well as the restaurant's famous steaks. “We don't want to change the classic experience diners have come to know us for,” said head chef Penelope Reyes.

The intrigue surrounding the restaurant is largely due to its affiliation with Lumon CEO Jame Eagan, who for years has insisted on holding his quarterly Board meetings there, for which he rents out the entire space for himself and the rest of the Lumon governing Board. The famous “Kier Booth” is a restored version of the actual booth where Kier Eagan reportedly brainstormed the business plan for Lumon in 1864. The younger Eagan has said, “When we sit at that booth, Kier is with us. He whispers to me, the dutiful. He guides our decisions.”

The restaurant's owners have assured diners that the Kier Booth will be unaffected by the renovation, and that the restaurant will retain its classic charms even as it's modernized for new times. “That booth is the heart of this restaurant, and not to be arrogant, but to me, this restaurant is the heart of the whole world. So it's a holy place in a lot of ways,” said a restaurant owner who wished to remain anonymous. “That booth will not be altered. I promise.”

The restaurant is expected to reopen early next month.

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