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Work-Life Balance Poster
Type Prop
Location Shrine to Kier
First Appearance Hide and Seek

Work-Life Balance Poster

The Work-Life Balance poster is a Lumon advertisement promoting the Severance procedure. The poster is on display in Cobel's shrine to Kier.

The publishing date of the ad is unknown. The campy design and middle-class Americana references suggest it to be from the late 1940s to early 1950s. A pink-hued Lumon logo appears at the bottom of the ad.

Poster Text

A Visual Depiction of the Work-Life Balance Imagine yourself as a seesaw. On one end, you've got your work responsibilities. Phones! Papers! Rigmarole! On the other side is your personal baggage. Aerobics! Children! Church! Do not allow yourself to snap beneath the weight of your stressful and unbalanced life! Ask your supervisor if the Severance Procedure is right for you.

[illustration graphic of two children on either ends of a seesaw that has split in half]



Season 1

  1. Hide and Seek (in the lower half of the Kier Shrine)

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