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Waking Chamber

A room styled with the familiar trappings of a conference room, but which is actually the space in which a newly Severed employee awakens for the first time after undergoing the Severance Procedure.

A long conference table dominates the room, with no other object on it but a wired speaker, equipped with a tiny built-in camera for observation. The chairs that ring the table are green leather. The walls are either wooden barred paneling or soundproof cushioned fabric. A single door leads out of this room into a control booth from where the department chief may execute the protocol (conducted over the speaker on the table) to orient the newly Severed employee, who has regained consciousness atop the table.

As other Severed Lumon employees are able to access the room without de-activating their implants, it can be assumed that this chamber is located on the Severed floor.

Not to be confused with the Conference Room.

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