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Also Known As Mr. Willit
Status Unknown
First Appearance What’s for Dinner? (referenced)

Edgare Willit

Edgare Willit was the owner of a furniture emporium at which Kier Eagan worked as a boy. He is cited as an example of the temper of Malice run amok in Compliance, the original words of Kier that are cited as the core philosophy of Lumon Industries.


Willit is described as a burly and mouthsome man. According to the handbook, it was his practice (and that of most city-based employers at the time) to deliver regular beatings with a chifforobe leg to the employees under his charge.

In the 12th summer of his life, Kier Eagan worked at a furniture emporium owned by Mr. Willit, where he received many such beatings. Also employed at the emporium was an amputee named Dell Hatch. Kier and Dell became fast friends, and the latter helped the former to conceal his one-handedness from Mr. Willit by stretching chicken skin over wooden sticks. The ploy worked for several months, but eventually Mr. Willit caught on and sent Dell away, possibly to children's prison.

It is unknown what happened to Edgare Willit after Kier left his employ, but given that he was an adult in the mid 19th century, it is extremely unlikely that he still lives.

Quotes & Dialogue

Mr. Willit was, I firmly believe, a victim of an inflamed sense of malice, the most noxious and corrosive of the tempers. In one event, I recall him grinning as he reached for the chiffarobe leg, and while this expression is most commonly an expression of frolic, here it must be taken as proof positive that the pain Mr. Willit inflicted aroused in him a grim pleasure, the explanation for which can only be malice.
…A man of the temperament of Mr. Edgare Willit has scarce ability to access his workforce’s most powerful asset: their love.


Season 1

  1. What’s for Dinner? (referenced)

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