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Status Alive
First Appearance The You You Are (referenced)


Fabie is an Italian boy who befriended Ricken Hale, author of The You You Are. All that is currently known about Fabie comes from the 8th chapter of that book.

Quotes & Dialogue

…incapacitated…my time in Italy I formed a [friendship with a boy whose] parents cultivated and slaughtered chickens…early morning deliveries. I would see young Fabie…while I practiced Tai Chi to recirculate the blood flow to…[extremities?]. Fabie and I would engage in polite pithy small [talk]…”Ciao, Buongiorno…” Craving more depth from this [I asked] Fabie if he would be willing to enrich our bond and to [teach me an] Italian word each day. Fabie was elated and said it would [be his joy. As my] time in Italy was dwindling, I knew that I had to do something [special related to a favorite t]opic for Fabie. I knew what gift he would be most grateful [to receive, that rarified] fair fare, Cane di Mais. I searched the town for a chef to make me an edible arrangement of these corn dogs. Discour[aged that I would obtain such an item] on time, I decided to buy the ingredients and make the bouquet myself. After several labor-intensive hours, I went [to present my] gift to Fabie. I rang the doorbell and waited behind the [wall to witness him find my offering on his porc]h.
[The gift was not received well. The] mundane meal wheel keeps spinning, and when it stops, it [lands in this humble Italian farmhouse on the] all too familiar chicken. How to stop the meal wheel, give…typical cure for this monotony would be to add variety, but [it was verboten to add] another protein choice to the dining gauntlet per [Fabie’s parents. So I suggested we] subtract. Do you even need dinner? [We need food as fuel] to live - but should we [center] all social [intercourse around the consumption of food? That requires money, and in this world, to have money, one must have a job. And I did not have either of those things.]

— A partial reconstruction of the last page of chapter 8 of The You You Are by Ricken Hale, with possible content suggestions.


Season 1

  1. The You You Are (referenced)

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