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Other Lumon Industries Departments

Security Office wall display Security Office wall display

Diagnostics is a department that can assess whose brain a given Severance chip should be in, as well as look for data signatures to determine who programmed and/or deprogrammed it.

The existence of other departments at Lumon Industries is hinted at in the information displayed on the wall display of the Security Office, as well as in the computer terminals.[1]

The department abbreviations include:

  1. CE
  2. MDR
  3. TA
  4. W&A
  5. D&R
  6. EQP
  7. CL
  8. WN
  9. O&D

Except for MDR (Macrodata Refinement), D&R (Disposal and Reclamation), and O&D (Optics and Design), the meanings of the other abbreviations are unknown. This is not including the “goat department.”

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Season 1, Episode 6, Hide and Seek (18:46)
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