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June Kilmer June Kilmer
Portrayed By Cassidy Layton
Status Alive
First Appearance The You You Are

June Kilmer

June Kilmer is the daughter of Peter Kilmer and his ex-wife Nina. She is also part of a punk band called Fissureman.


Not much is known about June. The information we have is from Petey, a video that plays at the funeral (which she appears to be about the same age as she is now), and the few brief encounters that Mark has with her.


  • June is “the greatest kid on Earth and a hell of a guitar player”, according to her dad.
  • Performs a cover of “Enter Sandman” by Metallica, with her dad in the garage. This video is played at his funeral.
  • At the funeral, the camera shows June smiling and her mom crying at the start of the video. -The You You Are (32:48)

Quotes & Dialogue

Do you ever think that maybe the best way to deal with a fucked up situation in your life isn’t to shut off your brain half the time?

— June to Mark, The You You Are (32:08)


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