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Seth Milchick Seth Milchick
Also Known As Mr. Milchick
Portrayed By Tramell Tillman
Status Alive
First Appearance Good News About Hell

Seth Milchick

Seth Milchick is the main severed floor employee liaison at Lumon Industries, where he also provides security support. He administers the The Compunction Statement in the Break Room.


In his role, he covers a wide array of responsibilities:

  • Primary work contact for outies (e.g. for calling in sick)
  • Handling new hire outie/innie transition support
  • Facilitating team-building exercises
  • Delivering news and information to departments
  • Monitoring employee activities on camera
  • Overseeing Severance chip implant surgery
  • Performing Break Room interrogations
  • Photographing employees at work and play for propaganda purposes
  • Punishing infractions that do not merit a trip to the Break Room, such as using the bad soap on them, or extracting swallowed attempts to foil the Code Detectors in the elevators
  • Escorting innies to the Testing Floor elevator
  • Potentially more duties (see Theories)


  • In the Music/Dance Experience scene, actor Tramell Tillman had to perform multiple takes over a lengthy day of filming. He was wearing a cashmere turtleneck sweater which he reported as being “unbelievably hot, requiring him to be tended to by assistants with ice packs[1].

Quotes & Dialogue

Mark: Wait, we’re locked in now?
Milchick: I prefer “safely situated.”

Season 1, Episode 7, Defiant Jazz (16:55)

The Music Dance Experience is officially canceled.

Season 1, Episode 7, Defiant Jazz (26:30)

Just say the word, and I'll get you a coffee cozy literally right now, Dylan.

Season 1, Episode 9, The We We Are (33:15)


Season 1

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