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Wellness Center

The Wellness Center, or simply Wellness, is a department on the Severed floor. It is used for wellness sessions with the innies of the severed departments. Wellness was previously run by Ms. Casey, until she was fired. It consists of a waiting area and the treatment room

The waiting area is accessed from the main corridors of the Severed floor, and has two doors leading into the treatment room, one on the left marked Enter and one on the right marked Exit.

The treatment room is a rounded room with vertical wood strip paneling (also a feature of Harmony Cobel's office and the Waking Chamber), and a central dais with hardwood floors surrounded by a lower stone and gavel moat. The dais is equipped with two green chairs facing a coffee table made of what appears to be an enormous geode, topped with a gnarled piece of driftwood. This piece of driftwood contains a hidden camera to observe both the Wellness Director and the employee being treated. A tree, set into the dais, spreads its green leaves over both people. Upon the dismissal of Ms. Casey the tree was removed, suggesting that the decoration was particular to her. Five circular holes in the ceiling replicate the sensation of a skylight and are the only illumination in the room. Finally, a small console to the left of the Wellness Director's seat has a slider to control the lights and ambient nature sounds, and a dial which controls the volume of the music. The coffee table contains a shallow drawer into which a file on the employee being treated can be concealed until it is needed.

The waiting area is comfortably appointed with quilted bench seating and one of Lumon's many inspirational paintings, as well as some snake plants.

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