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Ideographic Cards

Ideographic cards in Optics & Design Ideographic cards in Optics & Design

The Ideographic Cards are mysterious cards depicting physical forms of movement. Produced by Optics and Design, they are shown in Hide and Seek (18:57) and Defiant Jazz (12:06).

In Hide and Seek, Dylan is seen pocketing a card while visiting O&D. In Defiant Jazz, Milchick is seen retrieving the card from behind one of the MDR toilets.

While the exact purpose and use of the cards is not known, they may be of great significance, given the extent to which Milchick went to recover the card that Dylan took (including using the Overtime Contingency Protocol). However, it is possible that Milchick wanted to prevent any communication between Dylan's outie and innie.

Quotes & Dialogue

Dylan, listen. You have no idea how sensitive this information is. If someone paid you to smuggle out that card…

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