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Wiki Cheatsheet

Wiki Syntax

The core wiki syntax is documented on the DokuWiki syntax page. You can use this helpful tool to convert from Markdown to DokuWiki syntax.

Create a New Page

Page title:


To tag an article, add this to the bottom:


You can add multiple tags by separating them with a space:

{{tag>tag_one tag_two tag_three}}

Tag names cannot contain spaces. Use an underscore, as shown above, to represent a space in a tag name.

You can view a list of all tags in use on the Tags page.

Table of Contents

The wiki-wide automatic TOC has been disabled. You can place a TOC manually wherever you’d like using this line:

{{INLINETOC width18 2}}

The technical breakdown of this, in case you’re curious:

  • INLINETOC specifies that this will be an inline Table of Contents
  • width18 is a class name that came with the plugin and the resulting style looks nice, so despite the weird name it’s a good reason to leave well-enough alone
  • 2 refers to the level at which the TOC should begin including headings (so, the second level)


You can add various blurbs to pages, which is useful for flagging them or alerting people to something relevant about them.

Featured Article

Marking an article as Featured will put it in the randomized display of featured articles on the wiki’s landing page.



If you’re working on an article and you know there’s more to add later, or you just want to make a quick placeholder article, you should mark it as a “stub”. You can do this by adding this at the end:



Theory pages or pages with heavy speculation should be marked as such:



To make a blockquote with attribution, use this syntax:

> They’re not ready. <WRAP attribution>— The Goat Wrangler, [[The Grim Barbarity of Optics and Design]] (36:33)</WRAP>

The > character begins the blockquote, and the WRAP block formats the attribution nicely.

Dialogue References

If you’d like to reference a specific line of dialogue, make a link to the dialogue’s timecode with the display text set to the episode title and MM:SS time in parenthesis, like so:

[[what_s_for_dinner_transcript#section002016927|What’s for Dinner? (20:16)]]

Alternatively, you can omit the episode name if it’s obvious in the context of where the link will be placed:


To locate a dialogue timecode for linking, pull up the episode transcript, find the dialogue in question (either by scrolling to it or by using your browser’s search feature to find it on the page), and then click on the gray timecode link above the dialogue. Then, copy the relevant portion from your browser’s address bar. The relevant portion is the episode transcript article title and the section anchor. For example,


Script Quotes

To quote a longer passage of script, use this WRAP syntax:

<WRAP script inset>[[Helena Eagan|HELLY]]: The work is bullshit.

[[Mark Scout|MARK]]: The work is mysterious and important.</WRAP>

The inset directive will add a decorative vertical line to the left of the quote, which is a nice visual separator. You can remove this for longer quoted material, if desired.

The > character begins the blockquote, and the WRAP block formats the attribution nicely.


A figure is an image with a caption. To add one, use this syntax:

<WRAP figure right>
{{overtime-contingency-protocol.png?300|Overtime Contingency Protocol page}}
The Overtime Contingency Protocol page just prior to [[Helena Eagan|Helly]] ripping it from the binder

You can use left in place of right in the WRAP if you’d like the figure to be anchored to the left.


If you need to redirect an existing page to a new or different page, place this on the page:

#REDIRECT New Page Name

You can create a media gallery like this:

<WRAP gallery-container>

<WRAP gallery-item>
{{kitchenette-mdr-team.png|The Macrodata Refinement team enjoys a break in the Kitchenette}} \\ The MDR team enjoys a break in the Kitchenette

<WRAP gallery-item>
{{kitchenette-coffee-maker.png|The Kitchenette coffee maker}} \\ The Kitchenette coffee maker

<WRAP gallery-item>
{{kitchenette-helly-dylan.png|Helly and Dylan converse in the Kitchenette}} \\ Helly and Dylan converse in the Kitchenette

<WRAP gallery-item>
{{kitchenette-dylan-irving.png|Dylan and Irving converse in the Kitchenette}} \\ Dylan and Irving converse in the Kitchenette

<WRAP gallery-item>
{{kitchenette-milchick-mark.png|Milchick and Mark converse in the Kitchenette}} \\ Milchick and Mark converse in the Kitchenette (“Do you know how to make your [[kind eyes|eyes kind]]?”)

<WRAP gallery-item >
{{kitchenette-mark-helly.png|Mark and Helly converse in the Kitchenette}} \\ Mark and Helly converse in the Kitchenette

<WRAP gallery-item>
{{kitchenette-mark-helly-2.png|Mark and Helly converse in the Kitchenette}} \\ Mark and Helly converse in the Kitchenette

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